Sioux Falls Gratia Wednesday Service "You Will Be a Blessing"

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On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, at 6:00 PM the message "You Will Be a Blessing" was given by Pastor Christine Lee at Gratia Community Church in Sioux Falls, SD.  The message was taken from Genesis 12:1-3, Exodus 20:5-6, Deuteronomy 25:1-6, Matthew 10:34-38 and Acts 16:31.

God waited for a man like Abraham who would believe Him and follow Him.  Out of this came the promise of God to bless all nations through Abraham.

Christine shared Abraham became an ancestor of faith only because he acted on faith to separated himself from his family (which merchandised in idols) and all he knew in order to follow God.  God is the ultimate source of blessing, but because Abraham believed, God made him the source of blessing for all who would also believe him.  The blessing is for all who love God, keep His commandments, hearken to Him, and observe all He says to do.  Abraham had to wait 25 years for his promise to be fulfilled, and he didn't waiver.  Jesus warned there would be this division between families now as well, so at these times love God more than them.  However, there is a promise to the saved that God will save their house as well.  Keep believing that also.

Christine shared pictures and all who went talked about the summer retreat at St. Louis.  They also talked about their trip to see Noah's Ark and how they need to be building the spiritual ark.