Sioux Falls Gratia Sunday Service "Faith of Rehab"

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On Sunday August 14, 2016 at 11:00 AM the sermon "Faith of Rehab" was given by Minister Christine Lee at Gratia Community Church in Sioux Falls, SD.  This message was taken from Joshua chapter 2, Joshua 6:15-17, Numbers 13:1-2, 26-33, 14:36-38 and Matthew 1:5.

These two stories of spies in the Old Testament provide lessons of faith and doubt, of reward and penalty.  Those that believed God against overwhelming odds were rewarded.  Those that doubted victory in the shadow of God's power came to utter failure and even death.

Christine noted how those that knew about God and were His chosen people didn't have faith in Him, but Rehab the Gentile prostitute feared God and believed He could protect and save her.  As a result her house was saved and she became part of the lineage of Jesus.  The ten spies that doubted they could possess the Promised Land were killed by a plague and their names are not remembered to this day.

During sharing time Richard commented about the size of the giants, and Bruce noticed the spies and Rahab didn't necessarily have hard tasks in terms of actual work, but did have hard requirements of faith.

After reflection and sharing everyone had lunch and fellowship in the conference room.