Sioux Falls Gratia Wednesday Service "Be Prosperous and Successful"

sola gratia


On Wednesday June 1, 2016 at 7:00 PM the message "Be Prosperous and Successful" was given by Minister Christine Lee at Gratia Community Church in Sioux Falls, SD.  The message was taken from Joshua 1:6-9 and I Timothy 1:7-8.

As the older generation of Christians is aging and dying off the younger believers are finding themselves in a similar situation as Joshua did.  Moses had just passed away and Joshua was left with the responsibility of trying to fill his shoes.  The younger Christians now will understand what he was feeling.

Christine expounded that 3 times the Lord told Joshua to be strong and courageous.  He needed to understand and remember God was with him, keep observing all the law and not turn aside from his path to the left or the right.  She noted the battle is mainly within the faithful, they need to keep surrounding Jericho and to keep going on like Abraham did waiting for the promise until he was a hundred years old.

Everybody present was reminded that God gave this experience of Joshua as an example for the believer today as they face the daunting task of following the Lord and leading His people.