Sioux Falls Gratia Sunday Service "God Appeared to Moses Within the Burning Bush"

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On Sunday May 22, 2016 at 11:00 AM the message "God Appeared to Moses Within the Burning Bush" was given by Minister Christine Lee at Gratia Community Church in Sioux Falls, SD.  This message was taken from Exodus 3:1-6, 1 Kings 19:9-18, John 1:18 and Isaiah 53:1-3.

In today's passage such a "great sight" from God was shown to a mere mortal man.  How rare in history it is this kind of thing has been done for anyone.  God's appointed time for Israel to suffer had come to the full, and He appeared to Moses to lead His people from bondage.

Christine preached if people are to see God He must first reveal Himself to them, then they must respond to that call.  She also noted from all the passages the Lord chooses to show Himself in a humble way.  God's humble appearance has the effect of breaking the pride and arrogance of the believer.  Finally, Christine showed Moses sandals were a type of one being full of the dirt of sin.  So as Moses was required to take off his sandals, the believer first must cleanse himself of sin before he can get close to God in any of His holy places.

Bruce shared since "no man hath seen God at anytime" only "the only begotten Son...hath declared" or shown Him, the Angel of the Lord that appeared to Moses in the burning bush had to have been Jesus Christ.  He is the person of the Trinity that reveals the Godhead to men.

After reflection, prayer and sharing everyone had lunch and fellowship in the dining room.