Sioux Falls Gratia Sunday Service "Man Looks On the Outward Appearance, but the Lord Looks On the Heart”

sola gratia

Date: Sunday, July 23, 2017, 11:00 AM

Message: "Man Looks On the Outward Appearance, but the Lord Looks On the Heart"

Minister: Christine Lee

Location: Gratia Community Church, Sioux Falls, SD

Passages: I Sam 16:1-13, 9:2, 9:21, 10:22-24, II Sam 12:10-14, Prov 4:23 and Gal 5:13.

When Christians walk their path of faith, they should remember God looks at the center of their life rather the devout forms they appeared to be. God cannot be mocked, He is seeking the worshipers who worship Him in truth and in spirit.

Before David was anointed to be the king, Saul was chosen. Though the Bible recorded that he had a kingly outward appearance, yet that's not the reason he was chosen. God chose Saul was because, in the beginning, he was very humble in heart considered himself small and nothing. However, he changed over time. That brought great pain to God. God is the one who gives and blesses. Once the heart Saul was changed, the blessings were moved to David. 

In fact, both of Saul and David had sinned during their reigns but the difference is David genuinely repented. He repented because he had broken the law of God not because of fear to lose his kingship. That's the true repentance.  Christians are called to be free but not to use their freedom to indulge their flesh. If they repent in the heart during the times of sins, God will surely forgive. But if they play with God and take advantage of God's love and mercy, God cannot be deceived. The lesson of Saul is the warning towards all the Christians.

After the service, the members present discussed how this message related to them. They understood how important it is to have a heart for the Lord, and encouraged one another to continue to keep their heart clean and on fire for the Lord.