Sioux Falls Gratia Sunday Service “He Who Hath an Ear, Let Him Hear What the Spirit Saith Unto the Seven Churches”

sola gratia

On July.9, Sioux Falls Gratia Community Church held Sunday service with the message titled "He Who Hath an Ear, Let Him Hear What the Spirit Saith Unto the Seven Churches." The message was taken from Rev 2:1-7. They also read Acts 20:31, I Tim 1:3, Jer 2:2 and II Cor 6:1-13 along the message. 

Chapters two and three of the Book of Revelation are a message from Jesus to the seven churches of the time. Many understand them to be messages to all Christians throughout time.

The one covered today is what Jesus had to say to the church at Ephesus. The church at Ephesus was a very mature church which Apostle Paul spent the most time, probably about three years. The Lord praises the Christians of Ephesus Church for their hard work and endurance in bearing the name of Christ throughout all its hardships and trials. Christians of Ephesus church also had the deep understanding of the truth, so they could test evil men and proved them liars. Although this was precious, one thing was wrong-they had left their first love for God and the brethren. Along the way, believers can fall prey to temptations and distractions and lose the passion they once had for God when they were saved. They can also lose their care for other believers. This was a serious problem because love should be the motivation for everything. Believers must check themselves, repent of falling away and be filled with the love of God again.

After the service, the members present discussed how this message related to them. They understood how fragile their bond of love with God in their spirit is and know they have to guard it very carefully and not lose it.