Sioux Falls Gratia Sunday Service "Many Are Called but Few Are Chosen"

sola gratia

On June.25th, Sioux Falls Gratia Community Church held a graceful Sunday service with members. After the service, ministers shared their grace received from the US and Canada mission conference and briefly testified the history of WOA. Members appreciated the great work of God done to this community and church and sent their blessings through a video to China Mission 21st Anniversary celebration.

The Sunday message was taken from Matthew 22:1-14 named "Many Are Called but Few Are Chosen." It emphasized the importance and awareness of not losing time when God calls us to a position. Jews failed to respond God's calling because they were busy with their own life though they were prepared ones. Believers should be aware how thankful they are that God calls them into fulfilling the great work of His kingdom. Members were exhorted not to give in but be alert and work diligently while they still live in this earthly life. "Because of the prepaid ones failed to come, the week and shabby ones were called. That's our image. The ones who are called should diligently wash their cloth to match God's grace. We should be the ones both called and chosen," the minsiter delivered.

After service, members gathered to give their reflections. Members shared their confidence of salavtion in Christ by grace, also expressed their gratitude towards the message they received. "I am not saved by works. But how important to prepare myself a fine linen daily to join the heavenly banquet. We should never take God's grace for granted," Linda shared. Bruce served church family a delicious meal.

May God blesses Sioux Falls with the continual growth of church members and show up of new faces.