Sioux Falls Gratia Sunday Service "King's Royal Food and Vegetables"

sola gratia

On May.7, Sioux Falls Gratia Community Church had a very blessed service with the message taken from Daniel 1:3-20 titled "King's Royal Food and Vegetables".

Members were exhorted to maintain their spiritual standards faithfully as they are walking towards Pentecost. It's a critical period time for the church family to prepare themselves as vessels to reveal the power of resurrection. "Daniel's excellent spirit and strong spiritual life comes from his basic but persist power of resurrection. "Daniel's excellent spirit and strong spiritual life comes from his basic but persist and everyday standards he held in front of God. A person's true strength does not come from his physical eating and drinking but the invisible spiritual inner life. Jesus our Lord even spoke more strick 'The Spirit gives life, flesh counts nothing.' Let's never neglect the essence of our life and the order of life," the ministered delivered.

Members actively shared what they got out of the message after the service. Linda reflected that she was one again disciplined by the tender correction of Holy Spirit, "I realized how important is my obedience towards God's words. The true strength comes from His words." Maiya also shared her insight, "When I read the story of Daniel, I realized that the spiritual life he lived in front of God kept him safe from the den of lions. What matters is not the circumstance but our prayers and our faith in God."

A newcomer Kosty is a Ukrainian and he received the church business card two years ago. He called the minister on Saturday and confirmed the new church location since he has tried to find it for a few times. Members greeted him with warmth and he enjoyed the service and fellowship though he speaks poor English. Members are very thankful to have Kosty this Sunday and appreciate the encourgement of God that they should keep planting the seeds because we never know when they will bear fruits. Please keep praying for Sioux Falls mission and many people to be brought back to God.