Sioux Falls Gratia Sunday Service "Transformation and Liberty"

sola gratia

After Jesus Christ became the First Fruits to be resurrected up to the Father, a period of fifty days began that would lead up to the next High Holy Day called Pentecost. However before that day came an important set of events happened in the first forty days.

The minister explained the numbers 40 and 50 have important meaning in the Bible. Every time the number 40 was used in the Bible it represented a time of transformation. The year of Jubilee came every fifty years during which everyone had to be freed from their bondage, and the land was rested. It says in the Book of Acts Jesus showed himself alive and spoke to many people during the first forty days. Then he ascended up to heaven. During this time his followers were transformed from not knowing what happened to him to knowing for sure he had resurrected and was alive. Then ten days later the promised Holy Spirit was sent giving liberty and power to the disciples. Church members are exhorted to seek daily change with the help of Holy Spirit and to carry out the great commission with united hearts. Water baptism only represented the outward cleansing by keeping of the Law, but Spirit baptism is the inward cleansing of the soul by the Holy Spirit. People who obey the Lord's call to be saved receive the Holy Spirit where the truth of the Scripture is taught. Members are challenged to be obeyed to the words of God for receiving the power of Holy Spirit till Pentecost.

After the service, the members present discussed how this message related to them. They discussed the importance of having the baptism of the Holy Spirit when saved and the importance of renewing that spiritual life every day. Dr. Waka visited the Church discussing his ministry of educating the young and reaching them for Christ in Canada, Africa and China.