Sioux Falls Sunday Service "Encountering the Resurrected Lord"

sola gratia

Sioux Falls Gratia Community Church held a graceful Sunday service on April.23. The message was titled "Encountering the Resurrected Lord" taken from John 20 and 1 Corinthians 15.

During the path of Lent, the church family was focusing on meditating on the cross of Jesus Christ and understood the deep love God has towards them. After Easter, members are led to meditate on the resurrection of Jesus Christ which stands for life and power. Members are challenged to encounter the resurrected Lord in their daily path and to overcome the difficulties in this life and ministry with the hope and power of resurrection. 

The minister noted the seeming contradiction of a woman of low status who was once delivered from seven demons being the one who loved the Lord the most. She was there very early in the morning of the third day even though she did not know Jesus was risen... Those who are forgiven the most love the most. Mary Magdalene is evidence of that. It was impossible to steal the body of Jesus because the Priests had Roman guards set around it. So, there is tremendous evidence of his resurrection. Ultimately though, every believer must choose to believe Jesus rose from the dead on their own. Each one must believe he is the Christ and the son of the living God and gain eternal life. This is where their spiritual resurrection begins.
After the service, the members present discussed how this message related to them. They understood the focus now has to be on ensuring they have this life inside of their heart now and gained the confidence of the hope of resurrection.

Newcomer Chris shared how he was introduced by church member Gloria's daughter to the church and showed his appreciation towards this service. Linda shared, "Thanks Jesus for his resurrection. Without the resurrection, my faith is in vain."

Please continue to pray for Sioux Falls' mission that they may experience great power of Holy Spirit while they are walking towards Pentecost.