Midwest Regional Easter Retreat Grace Overflows, Testimonies Increased

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By God's grace the Midwest regional members gathered together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ through April.14-16. After the Easter Sunday Service, the members had a graceful testimony sharing time.

Brother Joshua from St. Louis shared, "Easter help me reflect what Jesus has done for me. Because of the sacrifice, Christ made that I can be restored to God. My sins were forgiven. Even though I still sin I have to bring myself to God every day."

Pastor Olivia from Chicago expressed her gratitude heart," I was very touched by Jubilee members. It's a quite challenging year for Chicago...when I focused on troubles I cannot move forward. But my heart is wakened again and I realize the mission is not a burden but love. Christ gives us life. Holy Spirit comes down. I was reminded the beginning moment that I started my faith. Today the Lord is asking me 'Do you love me?' I want to love the Lord. I want to share the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ to others. Though we did not gather many people, it is very graceful."

Eugene from Chicago reflected, "I may not be able to see all the preparations and sacrifices that St.Louis members make for the retreat. However, I see the serving hearts behind. Today through the message my eyes were opened more and I want to serve more. I want to make a determination and work harder for Him." 

Pastor Hewitt from Minneapolis confessed, "Many things have happened in last year and my life becomes different when my little daughter was given to our family. Though there are many difficulties and sometimes I feel I got many sufferings, yet I feel I am complete now. Every year I can be renewed through Easter gathering. Honestly, I struggled to get here, but now I am so thankful that it's perfect plan of God. I am very satisfied to be with you and God."

Charles who comes from Chicago said "When I think of this place I think of Noah's ark. Build and preach. For sure many will be gathered. Keep up with the hard work!"

May God bless all the members with a stronger faith and help them bear abundant fruit after the Easter.