Sioux Falls Gratia Continually Teaches the Cross to Draw People to God's love

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Sioux Falls Gratia Community Church dedicated April to God by offering their First Sunday Service on April.2. Members were led to meditate on the passion of Christ continually by studying John 18:1-11.

In John chapter eighteen Jesus is betrayed by Judas and taken from the Garden of Gethsemane. John gives many important details about this the beginning of Jesus' Passion. "It was the Feast of Passover and when Jesus crossed over Kidron Valley he could see the blood flowing down into this valley from the temple where lambs were being sacrificed, where he would soon be sacrificed. The garden was on the Mount Olivet where the oil was pressed to anoint a king to rule, but where the King of Kings would be betrayed and arrested. When the band of men led by Judas came after Jesus they had to use lanterns because they were in such darkness. Over time men's hearts get very hard. It is a process. How could we prevent to repeat the same history in our spiritual walk? " The preacher challenged the church members to examine themselves and be transformed by the words of God day by day.

After the service, the members present discussed how this message related to them. Maiya the teen shared, "Jesus is the light of the world, but we also need to accept the light otherwise we will stumble in darkness." Luke reflected, "I am very touched when I hear the interpretation of 'I am he, let these men go.' Surely because of the price the Lord paid for me and now I am free."

They plan to finish studying John 18-19 by Easter. Please pray that Sioux Falls church members to be guided into the deep understanding of the Christ's cross and be transformed by the great love of God.