Sioux Falls Gratia Members Prayed For Revival

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Sioux Falls Gratia Community Church members gathered on Friday, Feb.3 and prayed for revival with united hearts. God poured out abundant grace upon His people.

The minister delivered a message taken from Matthew 21:1-5 titled "Untie Them and Bring Them to Me". Once again members were reminded the chosen grace of God. "As the destiny of the donkey was just to carry the heavy loads, all of us used to be tied and destined with the worldly loads and lived a empty and meaningless life. But the Lord has sent his disciples to set us free and to use us. Donkey does not have beautiful body shape, long legs or fast speed as horses, but the Lord did not despise us yet came to us and wanted to use us. How can we forget this amazing love! Let's us pray that God to stir and ignite the gifts He has given us and let us become useful to His kingdom," she delivered.

The prayer meeting lasted about 2 hours, ministers testified the great work that God has done last week to Sioux Falls mission. Members' hearts became passionate and they prayed earnestly to increase this fire and spread it to further places and more people. Ministers exhorted members to not give in but press on with prayers and devotion to God. God will surely do tremendous work towards Sioux Falls and the members' lives.

Please pray for Sioux Falls mission to be kindled by Holy Spirit with great revival.