Sioux Falls Gratia Sunday Service "You Are the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World"

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On Sunday, Jan 29, 2017, at 11:00 AM the message "You Are the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World" was delivered at Gratia Community Church in Sioux Falls.  This message was taken from Matthew 5:13-16, Mark 9:49-50, John 9:5 and James 1:27.

The target audiences of this message are the disciples of Jesus who are born again.  To the ones who are in Christ, they have a new identity, and the Lord told his followers they are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  This message is about what it means to be salt and light and what happens if they fail to do so.

The minister noted salt has always been associated with three concepts. The Romans associated it with purity because it comes from the sun and the sea.  Salt has always been used for flavoring and as a preservative.  The spiritual application of purity for Christians is to not lower their standards, such as be honest and be diligent at work and live lives of purity. A believer is supposed to help preserve himself and the community from rottenness and corruption. The believers should have the savour or spiritual flavor to give taste to their testimony.  They should be the ones full of joy and their faith should look tasty to all they encounter.  None of this matters if the salt doesn't get out of the shaker, meaning they hide their faith and lose the identity.  Jesus is the true light of the world.  Believers reflect this when they are faithful.  However, Satan can appear as an angel of light so one must not follow his false light.  A good example of false light was the reason that came out of the Enlightenment in Europe.  The believers need to keep oil in their lamps and trim their wicks in order to show light.  Oil is the Holy Spirit and the wick is the Word of God.

After the service, the members present discussed how this story related to them.  Emphasis was put on finding more ways to be salt and light in their daily lives.